NA Resource Requests for FAN to Help

Dawson Neighborhood Organization needs to reach out to the bulk of it’s residents who haven’t simply discovered us on their own online. Especially condos and apartments which the legacy NA gives lowest priority, and doesn’t already deliver their competing newsletter to.

We’re eager to get folks in the loop through our mailing list, blog and forum. We want to encourage social events, provide publicity and launch neighborhood watch groups. We would like FAN to help us fund and distribute flyers door-to-door. I have already drawn up the major routes.

@chadv Unfortunately, FAN has no money that I know about. Our Koch brothers money ran out I guess. =/ I hope we’ll be focusing on ways to get money here in the near future so we can use it to focus on outreach and other efforts.

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Ok, well it might be time FAN started filling it’s “war chest”.

@Pete_Gilcrease, could you list some of the current tangible benefits of FAN membership, and what we can do to provide more? What are some of the most popular requests from members?

Ok, y’all. I’m getting YOUR posts by email within seconds of you posting them. But posts made by ME are delayed almost 4 hours. Is that a Discourse setting?

Chad, it happened to me yesterday too (first time - before this, my own posts resulted in emails to me fairly quickly; yesterday I got one many many hours later).

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