FAN Outreach Discussion

Please consider joining me to discuss 2016 FAN outreach efforts. Specifically, action items to make FAN more helpful to neighborhood leaders who want to navigate COA processes, work with developers, and transform their neighborhoods. In the most recent board meeting we talked about creating a neighborhood development guide and coming up with a process that allows neighbors to work proactively to guide development.

We will meet at Cherrywood Coffeehouse at 8 PM on 1/21.


@NatalieGauldin is this on the FAN calendar?

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You could always check :slight_smile:

@rcauvin @NatalieGauldin lord, I walk into that one every time!

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Next Steps

  • Complete the FAQ table within the “FAN Dev Guide” brainstorming document and add links to COA resources
  • Invite COA to participate in this effort? CM zoning staff
  • Organize a meeting to design tools and create the document
  • Organize an educational meeting once this documentation is complete

Update: I’ve sent a request for a meeting with a representative from the Neighborhood Assistance Center. My hope is that they will be able to assist in linking the existing COA resources to our FAQs.

If you would like to review the brainstorming draft, it can be found within the FAN Drive under FAN>Outreach>FAN Dev Guide

@NatalieGauldin Is this FAN Drive a public Google Drive repository? I confess I am unable to find a link to it anywhere on the forum here or the FAN website.

@rcauvin, how is the Drive set up?

The sharing in FAN’s Google Drive depends on the files and folders. The FAN Dev Guide is currently shared with individuals and not public here. You can request access. @NatalieGauldin is the “owner” of the document and will receive the requests for access.

I personally have no problem providing edit access to the public for the document, but I’ll leave it to Natalie to decide how to handle sharing of the document.

A document has been offered as available to view somewhere online. That’s fairly routine. Our NA has hundreds of documents up in Google Drive. It certainly doesn’t need to be public-editable. It just needs to be public-readable and, the URL provided.

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@ChadV Cool. I linked to the document in my previous post. Let us know if you have any trouble accessing it.

Yeah, it’s still requesting approval, so it hasn’t been made public.

For clarification, @ChadV, are you suggesting making the document publicly viewable and not publicly editable?

Roger, I think most FAN Members will agree that if a public post invites everyone to check out a draft document, then it stands to reason that the URL actually be provided and that folks can access it without requesting and/or awaiting approval. As far as I know, you are the only person in this thread who has raised the possibility that these documents be publicly editable. I would have never dwelt upon that option. Unless my previous post got lost, I’ve already addressed this, saying that documents offered for public exhibit need only be viewable. You can make individual documents or even whole folders publicly viewable with ease.

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Makes sense, Chad. It seems we just need to make doc viewable to anyone with the link.

@alyshalynn, here’s the topic

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11 days later:

You need permission

Want in? Ask the owner for access, or switch to an account with permission. Learn more

You are signed in as ***

Request accessSwitch accounts

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@ChadV, I’m so sorry this has been such a frustration. Please check this link and tell me if it is accessible to you:

The setting I see on ^that document is that everyone with this link pasted here can view it. While there are editing privileges given to some 20 other people.

Yep, it appears your new link and Roger’s link are publicly viewable now. What was the reason that the document was offered to all, but made available only after the meeting?

There was no plan to the effect of protecting the document. I think perhaps the problem was a miscommunication/understanding of how shared documents are managed. I can’t say that with any certainty as I was not an owner of that document, nor was I really privy to its specific contents before the meeting - I was aware of the concept Natalie was working on though.

I make that assumption based on the intention of this original post, on the personal time constraints of the collaborators to-date that I am aware of, and also the general intention of the document overall.

This document is mostly a collaborative toolkit. It’s not prescriptive of how any members should interact with FAN, nor how other organizations necessarily act. The discussion we had in the meeting about it focused on what/who the best avenues would be for us to approach in collaboration to this document.

This document, from what I understand, is a best-practices guide for individuals or NAs looking to become more educated on the processes of City Planning.

I can post a screenshot of the version history if you’d like to be extra confident that there were no edits to this document during the meeting (I’m on a mobile phone currently and slightly incapacitated - or at least slowed down on those fronts). And even if there were edits during the 2hours we were in the meeting, it would have been by non-board members.

We are but a volunteer organization, consisting of people working in their spare time to facilitate conversations and logistical implements to involve even more people who want to join the cause.

You or anyone else can post here with your suggested edits or additions to that document.

If you feel you can contribute to the document directly through Google Drive, please request editing privileges, keep track of the gmail address that you made that request from, and be sure to sign in with those credentials to do so. But be aware that it may take the document owner a bit of time or nuging to approve that permission.

@alyshalynn You have my appreciation.

If there are no objections:

I move that FAN share a Google Drive folder as “Public on the Web”, “Access: … Can View” and place FAN collaborative documents within it, including those referenced in the forum. The ideal way to do this is to establish a separate FAN gmail account which will be maintained by the Board. This would be the appropriate account to host the Google Calendar, too. It appears Roger owns the calendar currently embedded in the FAN website.

Once established, a link to the folder itself should then be posted prominently on the website (such as the menu bar) and in this forum. This will make any documents within viewable to the public so they can see what those with edit access are working on. I know Pete can edit the website, so he would be a good candidate for that addition.

That should address the problems of undocumented resources, missing links, restricted links, and indefinite wait periods. It won’t take much time to set up, and it will save time from then on. @rcauvin @Pete_Gilcrease ? Will you set this up?