Austin Neighborhood Associations Facebook Pages

Jennifer Potter Miller created a great facebook list of all the pages of Austin’s neighborhood associations–it is a great tool to see what neighborhoods across the city are posting, chronologically, and in a single place.

Here are all the neighborhoods on the page:
Cherrywood 78722
South Lamar Neighborhood Association
Maple Run - Wheeler Creek Woodstone Village Neighborhood Association
Dawson Neighborhood Association
Bouldin Creek Neighborhood - Austin, Texas
Lost Creek Neighborhood Association
Walnut Crossing Neighborhood Association
NWACA - Northwest Austin Civic Association
Laurel Oaks Neighborhood Association
Estates of Brentwood
Great Hills Homeowners Association
Gracywoods Neighborhood Association
Old Austin Neighborhood Assn
Balcones Civic Association
North Austin Civic Association
Anderson Mill West Neighborhood Association
Allandale Neighborhood
OWANA - Old West Austin Neighborhood Association
Oakmont Heights Neighborhood Association
DANA - Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association
Windsor Park Neighborhood Association
Friends of Austin Neighborhoods - FAN
Midtown Austin Neighborhood Association
Crestview Neighborhood Association
Northfield Neighborhood Association


Please note that the Cherrywood 78722 page is not the official neighborhood association page. I’m the admin and recently changed it from the CNA page to a broader community page.

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This is fantastic, thank you.

Amazing! How do you think we can leverage this list?

That’s a great list! Can we get Friends of Hyde Park ( and the HPNA ( added to the list?

Here’s Rosedale’s page:

Wow Jennifer. Bravo!

This is our alternate neighborhood Facebook page:

We also have a website, G+, Twitter, Myspace, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Tumbler. Let me know if I missed any, haha.

Get online and grab up all of the Internet real estate related to your neighborhood, and make good use of it before another group grabs 'em. As these things grow in value in the future, you’ll have negotiating power in sharing them.

Also, I advise not use for your neighborhood community. They cut us loose and handed ours directly over to the NA.

How does this work? I’ve noticed a lot of people from my neighborhood joining Nextdoor recently and I’ve assumed it was because they’ve been wanting to avoid the nastiness of the Yahoo Group. Currently, our Nextdoor group is fairly friendly. I hope this doesn’t change!

Whenever I’ve heard of people having problems with moderators deleting posts or doing things against the terms of NextDoor, they’ve just contacted NextDoor and NextDoor has taken care of the moderator very quickly and resolved the issue by allowing the post to be reposted. If you haven’t contacted NextDoor support when something like that happens, it might be worth doing. If it happens too many times, they should remove the moderator.

Hi all, to keep from hijacking this thread about Facebook Pages, I’m appending a clearer account of my experience in the “Dawson Neighborhood” thread here: Dawson Neighborhood

Heritage Neighborhood also recently joined the FB bandwagon.

I got banned from Nextdoor a few weeks ago. But I posted information about FAN before they kicked me out.

Carl Webb


Why did they kick you out, @carlwebb? While we strive for openness and transparency in the FAN forum, a lot of other online forums seem to be heading the other way - towards being more closed off and exclusionary.

They said I was too controversial and I upset too many neighbors with my politics.

You and your opinions, @carlwebb. How dare you have and express them!

And That’s Censorship, Folks!

A dominant clique feels threatened by a divergent point of view, so they point at the conflict itself as though it was a “disturbance” which they are obliged to put down. Stinking weasels.

Now that City of Austin has given official recognition the the North Lamar Neighborhood Association I’m going to see if the ANC will let my back onto their email group list.

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Let us know what they say!

Awesome. ANC will ask for your by-laws and scrutinize whether NLNA holds democratic elections.