West Campus Neighborhood Association

Neighbors in West Campus have formed the West Campus Neighborhood Assocation, advocating a diverse, walkable :walking_woman:, bikeable :bike:, and transit-friendly :bus: neighborhood.

The Daily Texan published a piece on the new neighborhood group and its reason for being.

This could become an important and impactful initiative in improving the lives of local residents, and their influence on the political process required to accomplish same. Standing ovation!!! How can we help?

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For the new West Campus group I suggest we write them an official “welcome to the family” sort of letter. Something that they could read out at their first meeting if they chose. Include a description of our raison d’etre (likely showing some overlap in goals). Unless someone really felt like volunteering, I would wait and see how significant a group they can muster before offering to send a FAN rep to one of their meetings.

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Good ideas. Want to take a stab at drafting the welcome letter? We could even use it as a template for what we send to any new neighborhood assocation.

Yeah, I’ll give it a try.