Welcoming Neighbors Network

FAN leaders heard from Henry, a representative of the Welcoming Neighbors Network (WNN), at Thursday’s board meeting.

WNN is a national network of pro-housing groups that help each other be more effective by sharing best practices, lessons learned, templates, and tips. WNN’s “fee” comes in the form participating in this mentoring and sharing.

One of the insights that Henry emphasized is that building alliances with groups that are NOT primarily focused on land use, such as tenants’ rights and environmental groups, creates a powerful force for change.

Since FAN’s vision and votes of its membership align so well with WNN’s purpose and membership criteria, it seems natural for us to apply to join the network.

Please find below several documents that WNN shared that shed more light on the organization and membership requirements:

Welcoming Neighbors Network (WNN) - What Are We & Who Are We For.pdf

Welcoming Neighbors Network (WNN) Two Pager - for Prospective Members.pdf

Slow Scroll through WNN Membership Application.mov

Please feel free to reply with any questions or comments.