Weigh in on Potential Member Resolutions

To the Members,
Please weigh in on the following potential resolutions to be included on the member ballots.

-Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) and Single-Transferable Voting (STV)
The current by-laws requires a runoff if a candidate doesn’t receive a majority of votes. From my interpretation, this already allows for IRV or STV depending on the election. I would like to amend the by-laws to require using either one of those methods.

-At-large Board members
In the past, FAN has held elections for Board positions. Going further, there’s discussion of having all members elected at-large and having the Board conduct Officer elections.

-Defining High-quality Transit
How should FAN define High-quality Transit? Should FAN express explicit support for High-quality Transit? Should we define it, or should FAN support any high-quality transit (we’ll know it when we see it, as the saying goes)?

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