Voting question

(I usually can’t read or post here because GM’s DNS still doesn’t know how to process even though is fine. Just solved the former with the ‘subscribe to emails for everything’ button).

Wondering how voting works for those of us who are members of members of FAN. IE, does each individual who votes (for the board in this hypothetical) count the same, or does FOHP get one vote and each at-large hood combines to one vote, etc.

I think we went over this at FOHP once but I can’t remember the resolution.

(If member orgs don’t get any ‘extra’ votes, what’s the incentive for member orgs to sign up as opposed to just having at-large members? Devil’s advocacy question only).

Each member org gets one vote, and the entire at-large group counts as as single vote. So if there are a few at-large members from a single neighborhood, they could gain extra representation by forming a neighborhood association and joining as an organization.

Got it. So there’s a small bonus. Is the organization’s vote made a matter of public record as well? (I think that would also be a bonus).

Good question. It reminds me that I was going to add that info to the website. Stay tuned.

While you’re at it, I’d suggest just making an example of how a vote would be counted, i.e. “if member org A and B vote yes, member org C and D vote no, and the at-large members vote no, the vote fails”.

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Alright, the info is up:

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