Voting in the City Council District 4 Special Election Has Begun

Early voting in a special election for City Council District 4 began today. The winner of the election will make decisions on City Council that affect all of Austin’s neighborhoods.

Whether or not you live in District 4, FAN would like to know which candidate you prefer in the election. If you haven’t received an invitation to vote in FAN’s poll, let me know. FAN will publish the poll results and the membership’s preferred candidate.

In the meantime, view answers to the FAN’s questionnaire from candidates Melinda Schiera, @el_longhorn, and Isa Boonto.

Amanda Rios, Ramesses II Setepenre, Jade Lovera, and @maguzmanma did not respond to FAN’s invitations to participate.


FAN’s poll of the membership’s preferred district 4 candidate is complete. José “Chito” Vela (@el_longhorn) was the preferred candidate of the membership. Read the media release here.

If you are in district 4 and haven’t yet voted in the actual election, do so ASAP!