Vision for repurposing UT properties for higher use

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I wrote the paragraph below as a response in the COA survey on how to upzone several properties owned by UT. The survey is here: UT Zoning Project | SpeakUp Austin!

@Roger suggested I post this language here for consideration of whether FAN would like to take a similar position on this issue:

Properties owned by the University of Texas that are within the urban parts of the City of Austin should be repurposed to much higher use. They should be redeveloped as mixed-use, mixed-income walkable urban places, with safe, welcoming connections to surrounding areas, abundant transit, walk, bike, and ADA access, and significant investments in affordable housing. These spaces should be developed in an environmentally responsible manner, which means making them as dense as possible, while including nature throughout the design, and preserving some natural access in all spaces inviting to people living outside but near the properties. The University of Texas should not be in the business of owning golf courses and should not acquiesce to exclusionary zoning desires of a small group of elites.

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I haven’t seen much information about these properties. @caroline_bailey found this Austin monitor piece from last year. If anyone has more info, please share.

This Community Impact piece was pretty helpful, and includes a map showing the properties in question.

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