Thoughts on Burnet Road Corridor Improvements

In case you haven’t seen it, the plans for Burnet Road between 183 and the Mopac Frontage Road were released this week:

To say that these wildly differ from what the original proposed usage was is an understatement, and the proposed design completely ignores the long-term needs of the Burnet Road Corridor. There is no vision for transit, and this effectively places a 6-lane highway in the middle of what Austin likes to call it’s second downtown.

I would propose that we make a statement on this, and use that statement to point out that this stretch of road is identified as a transit corridor, encourage them to use recommendations from the NACTO Guildelines for Transit Corridors

Also, if you haven’t already, use the link above to leave public feedback.

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What are some key parts of the latest Burnet Road plans that fall short of the NACTO guidelines or that changed from the original plans? Perhaps we could craft a resolution that urges city officials to remedy those shortcomings.