Tell City Council to Support Solution to Housing Affordability Crisis (by 10.26.2023)

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum and several years into living in Travis Heights. I hope I get to stay here for the long-term, but that’s uncertain with how the housing market has been faring. I know that resonates with many of you, and luckily City Council is not naive to the issue as evidenced by the introduction of the groundbreaking HOME Initiative, which seeks to increase housing supply and mitigate housing costs.

This initiative is in dire need of your support, and your support can be expressed in a number of ways:

  1. send an email to your Council Member - this form will do all the lifting for you
  2. call your council member and leave a message
  3. make an office visit ^
  4. sign up to speak for 2 min. at the critical 10/26 Hearing at City Hall between 2-5pm - this moment will be make or break for the HOME initiative: come and share your housing experience and plea for HOME to City Council. There will be snacks and we will celebrate or drink our sorrows afterwards!

Your emails, calls, and voice truly matter! Please let me know of any commitments you can make, questions you have, or support you need.

Please spread the good word to any friends, colleagues and family who are hopeful of living long term in an accessible Austin :postal_horn:

Thanks ya’ll!

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