Support Small Lot Amnesty With 1-Click Email (Takes A Few Seconds) - Council Vote on Thursday

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The city council is set to vote to remove small lot amnesty as an option for neighborhoods that allow this infill option on developed lots on Thursday Feb 11, 2016 (Item 57).

Please email the city council at the link above and let them know that you support more affordable and abundant housing options for families in Austin.

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An officer of the HPNA made the following claim in a posting a few moments ago:

After FAN opposed closing the loop, the Northfield Neighborhood Association resigned its membership in FAN in protest.

Is this true? I don’t remember seeing a vote actually held on this issue and it is not listed in Record Of Votes.

In the February meeting held Monday 2/1, the minutes state that Northfield NA voted to quit FAN. Although it appears that it was more part of the discussion on occupancy limits, not small lot amnesty. They discussed small lot amnesty in that meeting as well, and I wasn’t there, so maybe small lot amnesty was also part of it. 12 for and 2 against discontinuing membership in FAN.

There’s a great Statesman article about small lot amnesty that just came out.

“The city’s minimum lot size was changed from 3,000 square feet to 5,750 in 1946 at a time when other cities did the same thing as a way to keep minorities out of neighborhoods”

Small lot amnesty “homes have sold in the $400,000s while the area average is $672,817”

Statesman; Should Austin block or welcome development of new homes on tiny lots?