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In the city of Austin are neighborhood association boundaries permitted to overlap? Last time I spoke to the Neighborhood Planning office it was okay but that was a few years ago. When I checked the part of East Austin where I used to live in the community registry to see what associations covered it these are some of the neighborhoods that overlap: Barrio Unido Cristo Rey, United East Austin Coalition, Tejano Town, Pedernales, East Town Lake Citizens, and El Concilio Mexican-American Neighborhoods.

Carl Webb
North Lamar Neighborhood Association

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When creating a new neighborhood association, you can select any boundaries that you want. The city has no specific requirements for neighborhood associations, so if you want the boundaries to cross over into areas that already have an existing neighborhood association or don’t, that’s perfectly fine. An example is Friends of Hyde Park. Friends of Hyde Park has almost the exact same boundaries as the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association. In a lot of cases, it would probably make a lot of sense for the boundaries to be either the same as other existing neighborhood associations or very similar. It’s just completely up to you and anyone else that’s creating the neighborhood association with you what your boundaries will be.

New Neighborhood Association listing-1539

Last week I got an email telling me the North Lamar Neighborhood Association listing is now live in the City of Austin’s Community Registry ( ). We’re at

Boundary Information

Please include written boundaries in the spaces below. *Note: boundaries must form an enclosed area also neighborhoods that choose to provide overlapping boundaries for zoning notification purposes, will not receive accurate crime statistics.

North Boundary:
Braker Ln

South Boundary:
Rundberg Ln

East Boundary:
Interstate Highway 35

West Boundary:
Lamar Blvd