Sign the "Slow Streets" Petition


As some of you may have noticed during these challenging times, it can be difficult to maintain social distance when walking and biking on limited sidewalk and bike lane space. You may have found yourself swerving into streets in an effort to maintain six foot social distance from neighbors. Other cities have dealt with this situation by prioritizing walking and bicycling on some streets, sometimes even closing them off entirely to automobile through traffic.

A number of neighbors and organizations and are calling for the City of Austin to create a “Slow Streets” program to prioritize walking and bicycling on neighborhood streets, while allowing local traffic, to facilitate safe exercise during the pandemic. While FAN’s membership has not taken an official position on this initiative, many of you have expressed support for walking and bicycling infrastructure in the past. If you support this initiative, you may sign the petition here.

The organizers of this petition hope to deliver it before this Friday’s City Council meeting, so don’t delay in signing if you support the initiative.


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At this moment, the petition shows 766 signatures collected. Great job coordinating this initiative. @cittalente! If you haven’t already done, post to your neighborhood NextDoor. Let’s try to get to 800 by the end of the day.

Yesterday, Austin City council approved this initiative, with Council Member Ellis taking a lead role.