Proposed FAN Resolution on Downtown Zoning

I propose a FAN resolution calling for zoning downtown such that mixed use and tall buildings are allowed everywhere. Currently, some parts of downtown do not allow them, and the draft land development code largely keeps those restrictions in place.

The draft resolution is here. Don’t hesitate to comment or request permission to edit the resolution.

Other groups and individuals have been doing the hard work of examining the details of the current draft of the land development code and are proposing specific recommendations and compromises. As has often been the case with FAN resolutions, the idea with this resolution is to complement and strengthen those efforts by expressing a more general, bold, and enduring vision.


Compact and connected starts at ground zero. Thanks for helping lead the way!

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I am withdrawing this proposed resolution, because I don’t think it will get the vote of the Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association (DANA) based on conversations I’ve had with people in its leadership. DANA is a FAN member, and if we can’t get the vote of the neighborhood association that covers downtown, it seems futile to proceed with a vote of FAN’s full membership.

I sent this letter to city council and planning commission this morning on my own behalf.