Prop. B: $460M Bond Election for Sidewalks, Trails, & Bike Lanes. Feedback Needed

How does FAN membership feel about Austin City Council’s Proposition B funding $460M for Sidewalks, Trails, & Bike Lanes coming before Austin voters this November?

Here’s what is in the proposal, which will be on the ballot as Proposition B in November:
  • $80 million for sidewalks.
  • $80 million for urban trails.
  • $40 million for bike lanes.
  • $65 million for the Vision Zero traffic safety plan.
  • $20 million for Safe Routes to School infrastructure.
  • $53 million for improvements to substandard streets, including Ross Road, Johnny Morris Road, Cooper Lane, Circle S Road and Nuckols Crossing Road.


  1. Should FAN support Proposition B? Why or why not?
  2. Regardless of support, how could Proposition B be improved?
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This one I’m also in support of for similar reasons as outlined for A

I would add that I don’t love the Safe Routes to School program, in that I think that it’s a bit of a cop out. The safest route to school would be for us to have more housing within easy walking distance, not figure out how to teach 8 year-olds the safest way to cross Burnet.