Parking Regulations

To the “global warming is not a Chinese hoax” faction of FAN, I’d like to see 2019 be the year of parking requirement reforms. There are some efforts out there to reduce minimum requirements but they are now piece meal. FAN’s official position is to eliminate them completely. I think that’s great because I know of no other group with that stance and it’s a great starting point to at least get some compromise. From my architectural experience, eliminating them altogether would ultimately be a net positive architecturally, if not, obviously environmentally. I’ve seen many-acres projects designed with the parking layout first followed by the architecture - making for some very sad urban design.

I’d like us to consider highlighting this part of our platform in 2019 and including how we could go about advocating it.

David Conley (montunos)

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I agree, and I think an increasing number of advocates outside of FAN are beginning to see a complete elimination of minimum parking requirements as politically possible in the year 2019.

I suspect @fastmole will be a major proponent.