OpenStreetMap Summer 2015 Mapathon with MaptimeATX

OpenStreetMap Summer 2015 Mapathon with MaptimeATX

Saturday, August 1, 2015
12:00 PM

ObjectRocket by Rackspace
300 West 6th Street Suite 900
Austin, TX

Let’s get together map a few of our favorite things. All levels of OpenStreetMap experience welcome. If you are new to OpenStreetMap, no worries - we will get you up to speed.

We can assume it will be unpleasantly warm, so this will be an indoors, air-conditioned affair. Please bring a laptop (and an external mouse - there will be a lot of clicking going on).

Don’t feel obliged to be there the whole time. Come and go as you want to. Early on (12:15ish) there will be a quick tutorial and up-to-speeding session for those that are new to OSM.

CartoDB is buying us pizza because they love us, so we’ll make an order and get that going once everyone has settled into a comfy map groove. We’ll have some soda’d beverages and feel free to BYOB if you want to responsibly sip on anything in particular.

This is part of a larger OSM US Summer Mapathon: and it is going to be awesome!