Official FAN Statement on CodeNext Proposed Map - Feedback needed!

Y’all -

I’m on the FAN board and we’ve begun to draft an official statement from the organization on the just released CodeNext Proposal Map.

We’d love to have a discussion here to get feedback from the FAN community about the following main points before submitting a final draft for vote by the membership:

  1. FAN appreciates the timeliness of the delivery of the Map and all the engagement effort that the City is putting in to gathering feedback
  2. FAN understands the Map as a working representation of existing zoning and codes translated into the new CodeNext language.
  3. FAN views this map is a starting point to ask for specific amendments that can improve density, accessibility, and diversity in Austin’s neighborhoods.
  4. FAN will promote the CodeNext feedback gathering process throughout our organization and bring as many voices to the CodeNext process table as possible
  5. FAN will work to strengthen the partnership with the CodeNext planning staff in order to make sure that the final CodeNext map and language approved by City Council captures the potential in Austin’s growth and fulfills its destiny of becoming a world class city.

Thanks in advance for your thoughtful comments!

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My group, Crestview Commons, is taking this map and drafting changes we want to see - like a lot more T4 where T3 currently is set down.

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Good points, well written, thanks for taking the lead! What’s next? It’s a big city where sometimes form &/or use is not equal to zoning, so there were bound to be some disconnects even in trying to map what is on the ground today.

Given that the FAN membership previously resolved to ask city officials to project the impacts of CodeNEXT on Imagine Austin’s complete communities indicators, I think we should note in our reaction that they have not yet done so, and should.

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Agreed - but I want to make sure the tone is not too admonishing - I see the letter as a statement to ‘get more flies with sugar’. Then, in a month or so, start really pushing for specific asks in neighborhoods. I.e. - T4SS in Crestview instead of T3.

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