Oct 17 City of Austin Contact Team Stakeholder Meeting

This might be something that FAN members would be interested in.

You are invited to join us the morning of Saturday, October 17, 2015 to share your experience and insights related to Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams and how the City of Austin should select neighborhoods, corridors, and other areas for future planning.

RSVP Here:

Date: Saturday, October 17, 2015

Time: 9 AM -12:00 PM

Address: One Texas Center, Training Room 325

505 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX 78704

Please view the attached meeting notice or visit the event webpage for more information and to RSVP for the event. If you are unable to attend the meeting, we invite you to review the materials on the event webpage and provide input to staff via a survey that will be linked from the webpage within the next several days.

Please contact Stevie Greathouse, Planning and Zoning Department stevie.greathouse@austintexas.gov, 512-974-7226 for more information. Para solicitar asistencia o información sobre esta reunión en español, llame a Debbie Valero a (512) 974-3531.

I received this yesterday as a member of the Upper Boggy Creek NPCT and I look forward to attending.

There will also be an additional stakeholder meeting on Oct 26th.

Please note: For those of you who are unable to join us on October 17, 2015, we will be hosting an additional stakeholder meeting focused exclusively on Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams the evening of Monday, October 26, 2015. There is no need to attend both meetings. Please view the attached meeting notice for information about the October 26 meeting.

Stevie Greathouse
Principal Planner, Comprehensive Planning Division
Planning and Zoning Department
City of Austin
phone 512-974-7226
email stevie.greathouse@austintexas.gov

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Date: Monday, October 26, 2015
Time: 7PM-8:30 PM
Address: One Texas Center. Training Room 325
505 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX 78704

The meeting will allow stakeholders to provide input to staff on appropriate requirements. Staff will use the input we receive to develop proposed code amendments. NOTE: This meeting will provide an additional opportunity for individuals who are unable to participate in a meeting scheduled on October 17. There is no need to attend both meetings.


7:00 PM Welcome and Light Refreshments
7:15 PM Proposed Amendments to Land Development Code Related to Neighborhood
8:15 PM Open House/Q&A

Additional information related to this event will be posted on the event webpage at

Those unable to attend the meeting are encouraged to provide input to staff through a survey that will be linked from the event webpage. You are also welcome to contact Stevie Greathouse, Planning and Zoning Department stevie.greathouse@austintexas.gov, 512-974-7226 for more information, or to provide additional input related to this meeting.

RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/neighborhood-plan-contact-teams-stakeholder-meeting-tickets-18964836336

In order to make sure that we have enough refreshments and supplies for all attendees, please RSVP. You may let us know that you will be attending the stakeholder meeting by clicking the “RSVP” link on the meeting webpage http://www.austintexas.gov/event/neighborhood-stakeholder-meeting-2, by e-mailing stevie.greathouse@austintexas.gov, or by calling 512-974-7226.

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I’m just back from telling my neighbor about tonight’s Stakeholder Meeting!

It was pretty well co-ordinated. After an introduction to PCT concepts, groups of guests formed activity groups to document their main observations and concerns about Membership, Meetings, Communication and Enforcement of procedures PCT follow. Most of the guests were either members of a PCT, or folks who were being kept off their own PCT Boards by unfair rules.

The undercurrent is pretty clear; the City is keen to reform PCT and hold them to some minimum operating standards. This could include a uniform by-laws. A meeting with the public of this kind is to ensure that the public can agree that they were consulted. The staff who conducted the meeting did not prompt the guests in any meaningful way, but they seemed very familiar already with the points and solutions we came up with.

At the end of the meeting, all of our group’s main points were shared, and we all had independently come up with essentially the same points and solutions. Leaving the PCT’s to follow the honor system works in a few instances, but where it has broken down, it has broken down in a big way. Many PCT are completely dysfunctional, suffering from lack of transparency and inclusiveness. A popular solution was for the City to host a PCT clearinghouse website where each PCT and it’s Officer’s contacts are published, where it’s bylaws, agendas and minutes MUST be published within reasonable time frames, and that the City would host a neutral listserv used for meeting announcements and activity announcements. This wouldn’t replace Nextdoor, Yahoo Groups, Facebook etc., but would be a mandatory minimum to ensure that no stakeholders are shut out under any premise.

Having NA/PCT Meeting notices in people’s utility bills was also proposed.

What didn’t seem too well fleshed-out yet, is what sort of grievance process neighbors would have when their PCT aren’t functioning fairly, and what sort of sanction the City would take on the errant PCT. When discussed, it seems that the City would prominently publish a contact to send complaints to, and if a PCT has been really bad, the City Council might formally cease to recognize it. A lot of guests liked the idea of ordering a non-compliant PCT to “reboot” with new Board Members, but there really were no solutions to how the City Council could make them do that, and how to avoid further harm to a neighborhood in so doing.

Hey Chad,

Is it okay if I post your notes to the North Lamar contact team?

Carl Webb

@carlwebb Sure, Carl! BTW, I really like your website. It’s doing all of the things I’m trying to do with our dawsonneighborhood.org website. Our legacy NA is dead-set against posting our Minutes, Agendas or hosting debate. They use their Yahoo, Nextdoor (stolen from us) and another website to post papal bull.

@carlwebb If you still have a chance, you might want to use the website post about this meeting, which has been slightly improved: http://dawsonneighborhood.org/contact-team-stakeholder-meeting-2015/

Hi all,

I posted this on another thread but should have included it here:

Thank you again for your participation at the stakeholder meeting held on Monday, October 17 regarding Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams and the process for selecting future planning areas!

As described at the stakeholder meeting, we will be presenting the results of stakeholder input to date on Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams to the Small Area Planning Joint Committee of Planning Commission and Zoning and Platting Committee of Planning Commission and Zoning and Platting Committee this Wednesday November 4. A document which compiles all stakeholder input to date (including meeting notes from the October 17 meeting) has been distributed to the Joint Committee, and is also linked from the October 17 Event Page. We welcome you to review the NPCT [input summary document] (http://www.austintexas.gov/edims/document.cfm?id=241888) and provide any additional feedback to staff as we move forward to developing more detailed recommendations based on stakeholder input over the next several months.

A Summary of Stakeholder Input on Selecting Future Planning Areas is also linked from the event webpage. If you have follow up questions or additional input about the material related to selecting future planning areas, contact: mark.walters@austintexas.gov.

If you have follow up questions or additional input about the material related to neighborhood plan contact teams, contact: stevie.greathouse@austintexas.gov.