Neighborhood Plans Contact Team Survey

The Planning and Zoning Department invites you to share your experience and insights related to Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams.

You may provide input via a survey or by attending
an upcoming stakeholder meeting. The purpose of this
survey and the meeting is to gather input from stakeholders regarding
Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams.

For more information, please visit
or contact

Stevie Greathouse, Planning and Zoning Department


Jody Zemel
Neighborhood Assistance Center
City of Austin
Resident of Bouldin Creek

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Thank you for sharing this. I just completed it and supplied lots of comments. :slight_smile:

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For more info on how they work currently:

“What is a Neighborhood Plan Contact Team?
A neighborhood plan contact team (NPCT) is a group of individuals designated to be the stewards or advocates of their adopted neighborhood plan. They work with city staff towards the implementation of the plan recommendations, review and initiate plan amendments, serve as community points of contact, and work on behalf of other neighborhood stakeholders.
Stakeholders who live in the planning area either through renting or owning their home, business owners, property owners and neighborhood organization representatives who live in the planning area are welcome to participate on the Contact Team.”

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@alyshalynn Thank you for this link. I noticed the Nov 18 Quarterly Training, so I sent off an email to my fellow freshman DNPCT Board Member candidates so they can put it on their schedules! I also sent the link to the PCT survey around to the rest of the neighborhood.