Need speakers TOMORROW 4PM for ZAP+PC

How you can help:

  • Show up and speak, if you can!
  • If you can write a speech, or a third of a speech, or an outline, or a few suggested talking points, they’ll make it easier for someone else who might be able to make it but have trouble figuring out what to say.
  • If you can write something – email planning commission, especially Oliver, Sheih, and Kazi. Articles are great for this too – maybe pick one of the ones that circulated this weekend and send it along.

Joint meeting, PC and ZAP:

Regular Planning Commission Meeting:

Some general points to pick and choose from / expand off of from @nina.dolcia :

Advice for how to testify that @timothycbray put together several months ago:

Testimony advice from Sightline – "Values Sandwich"

Planning Commission emails:,,,,,,,,,,,