Meetup (2016-05-14) CAG Reps, and Boards, and Bylaws, oh my!

Strange Brew
1:30pm Meetup start to talk about any official business
2pm for social hour and more chatting
5326 Manchaca Rd
Austin, TX

We’ve been having our Board meetings a bit more regularly on procedural issues, but we’d love to have more membership interaction, especially as this first year of our official existence is turning up.

We might try having these every month to start or bi-monthly depending on popularity
We’ve even kicked the tires around joining forces with other civic orgs. So if you have any ideas for cross-pollination, please don’t be shy to throw your contacts or suggestions out here, or to the Board directly.

Since this meeting is in short order, the format for now will just consist of some Board members talking about some official business for probably first 15-20 min, then a free-for-all chat: No pressure, no agenda, and open to questions.

If you like more direction in these things here are some items we’ll probably be chatting about:

CAG Vacancy - the LDC Advisory Group possibly still has a vacancy. We’d love to get someone in there and help ramp you up to be a successful champion of FAN visions in these next iterations of the CodeNext process.

Board Elections - they’re coming up!

  • Do you (or a friend) want to run?
  • Do you want to know what a Board member does?
  • Do you have ideas on our election process (see Bylaws below)?

Bylaws - we will probably change a few of these after we get elections ironed out to just clean up the intention of our language. Please consider offering your own suggestions, or chatting with us on the intent of anything that seems confusing.

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It seems we have a pretty big storm coming our way that’ll get to us in Austin right around 2pm, and for the safety of everyone I’ll go ahead and cancel.

Everyone be careful out there and find a productive way to fill your afternoon.

Feel free to post questions here, or post any other topic you’d like to discuss.