Mayor announces task force to dismantle institutional racism - subgroup on real estate and housing

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“Don’t be afraid to make me uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to make the community uncomfortable. I’m not looking for easy here.”
– Mayor Steve Adler

Esteemed Mayor,

I would like to think we can help with that

                                                                              -  A FAN

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Austin was not always segregated, it took a lot of work over a long period to “achieve” related goals and allow us to become the most segregated major City in the country - Now what?

Nice piece of journalism:

I knew it was bad, but honestly had no idea it was this bad. Having said that a few things make a bit more sense now, especially after reviewing other articles that are a bit more descriptive of the practices used to achieve segregation goals. No sense spoiling your appetite today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is an Opinion from Gissela SantaCruz at the American Statesman. No question that the shoe fits…

"It’s about time

For a city that has branded itself progressive and inclusive, Austin has been slow to address its long history of inequalities and injustices…

Institutional barriers for people of color are everywhere in this city…"

When was Austin not segregated?

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The article attached to my posting here 29 days ago has, among other thing, maps showing the level of integration that existed in 1880, & 1910. Then is shows a map where “protective” covenants were put on properties, again time lapse.

It would have been more accurate to say “Austin was not always…anywhere near as…segregated…as today.”

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