Looking for "Ideal" Neighborhood Images

I am looking for photos that show how the interiors of neighborhoods can have a diversity of housing types integrated with green space and walkable destinations. If you have or come across photos that fit these criteria, please post them here. The ideal photo contains all of these elements:

  1. Attractive multi-family homes interspersed among single family homes.
  2. Small shops, cafes, coffee shops, or grocery stores.
  3. Trees and/or other green infrastructure.
  4. No streets that are busy with automobile traffic or seem unsafe.
  5. No off-street parking.
  6. Children and/or people of all ages.

I did a lot of Google image searches and was unable to find a photo that combined all these elements.

There’s a community in Mannheim, Germany that is being designed to do what you’re looking for (I think). Check out this article and associated images - maybe that’ll give you something to start with, if nothing else?

[for more, search Pinterest: “walkable community” or “no car community”]

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@mkbowen78 Thanks for the Mannheim, Germany design. @chris78701 brought to my attention that searching the #streetoftheday hashtag on Twitter is a great way to find real-world photos of amazing places around the world.

I’ve been to Mannheim, Germany.

Supporters of rent control often point to Germany, where it is illegal to charge rent more than 20% above the level charged for a comparable property. (Around 50% of people rent their housing in Germany; almost 90% of all Berliners do, many in pleasingly spacious, well-looked-after apartments.)


Are you looking for a single photograph that combines all those elements? It seems to me that the neighborhood of Brentwood, which has a mix of housing, a large park and a neighborhood shopping center is what you’re looking for but I’m not sure you can get it into a single picture.

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Yes, a single image with all these elements would be ideal. However, images having some, but not all, of the elements would still be nice to have for a collection.

Part of the reason I have requested these photo is that they are useful imagery to include in FAN social media posts, flyers, newsletters, etc. They also help people visualize opportunities they may have to improve their own neighborhoods.

BTW, I do fully recognize and embrace that what may be “ideal” for me does not necessarily appeal to someone else. But I think the combination of elements I’ve described is rare in Austin, so it is hard to imagine or visualize without photos.