Intro + Q&A: Candidate Morgan Witt for City Council, D7

Hey there FAN members, I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Morgan Witt and I’m running as the progressive candidate for City Council in District 7.

I’m a newbie here in FAN and a renter in North Loop Business Park (doesn’t sound much like a neighborhood, to be honest). I’m here to connect with you in order to learn which issues you see as the most pressing facing Austin right now.

My goal is to be a true representative of the people in this city and I’m here to listen. To get started, I’d love to get your feedback on a few essential questions:

  • What are the top 3 things you want to see prioritized for Austin?
  • What specific actions do you want city leadership to take to address those priorities?

I look forward to connecting with all of you and hope this is the start of a collaborative relationship. Please also consider joining me at my virtual campaign launch party on August 6 to learn more about my background and my progressive vision for Austin.

Thank you!

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Thank you for running! I’ve signed up for the virtual campaign launch and I’ve donated to your campaign. I’m really excited to see District 7 have someone represent the majority of residents that live there.