HomeAway launches Stay Neighborly Program

HomeAway launches “Stay Neighborly - an initiative that includes a no-tolerance stance on poor behavior” … “It has been widely known that the Type 2 problem properties totaled four locations citywide” … “We believe that the city’s effort of policing these properties has worked to put a stop to these unacceptable situations. Our new initiative will complement Austin’s efforts to identify and get rid of nuisance short-term rental properties.”

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HomeAway calculated how many hours the city council has spent on short term rentals over the last few months and counted over 400 hours. Is this the best use of the city council’s time or are their more important issues? Of the 4 nuisance short-term rental properties found in Austin, 2 lost their licenses and one has sold.

Here’s a great image that sums up all of the various issues.