HOME and ETOD - Timeline of Opportunities to Participate

Here are several key events and public hearing on proposed land development code changes.

  • April 11 – City Hall at 9AM: Special called joint public hearing of Austin City Council and Planning Commission
  • April 17 – Central Library at 6-8PM: City staff Open House
  • April 20 – Online from 10AM - Noon: City staff virtual Open House
  • April 23 – City Hall at 6PM: Regular Planning Commission meeting (HOME 2, Compatibility, & EV Charging)
  • April 30 – City Hall at 6PM: Special called Planning Commission meeting (ETOD Overlay, Downtown Parking)
  • May 16 – City Hall at 10AM: Regular City Council meeting (HOME 2, Compatibility, ETOD, & EV Charging)

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