Hand Deliver Your Mail-In Ballots

From the Travis County Clerk:

The Travis County Elections Division expects to have three locations where voters can hand deliver only their own voted mail-in ballots. There will be one walk-in location at the Clerk’s 5501 Airport Blvd office. There will be three drive-through locations downtown. You may personally deliver your own mail-in ballot at any of these locations from 8 AM-5 PM after you have received and voted your ballot. A voter who delivers a marked ballot in person must present an acceptable form of identification.

Once early voting begins on October 13, those hours will be extended. Beginning on October 13, you may hand deliver your mail-in ballot Monday-Saturday, 7 AM-7 PM and Sunday 12-6 PM. Additionally, you may also hand deliver your own personal mail-in ballot on Election Day from 7 AM-7 PM.

The requirements of hand delivery are pretty straightforward:
• You may only hand deliver your own carrier envelope.
• You will be asked to present an acceptable form of ID.
• You will be asked to sign a signature roster.
• Then you will deposit your mail-in ballot into a ballot box.

Under Texas law, ballots may only be hand delivered to locations where the County Clerk conducts regular business. The locations specified above are the locations where we conduct regular business.

Important to Note: Texas State Election Law does not allow for drop-boxes and mail-in ballots should not be dropped off into any drop-box. This is not an option in Texas and your ballot will not be counted if it is dropped off this way. It must either be mailed back or hand delivered to one of these three locations. (Texas Election Code 86.006).

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