Got Ideas to fix ATX housing needs?

passing this information along from City of Austin Neighborhood Housing and Community Development

Community events launch for new Austin Housing Plan

Austin Housing Plan

Neighborhood Housing Dept.

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To further detail the events:

City of Austin is hosting some talks on the Austin Housing Plan from March 29th to April 28th in each of the 10 Districts.

Austin Housing Plan

Our goal is to increase housing choices available to all Austinites. The Austin Housing Plan will include numerical goals, timelines, and strategies to maintain and create affordable housing for a range of incomes throughout the city, as envisioned in Imagine Austin.

The plan will help align resources, ensure a unified strategic direction, and help facilitate community partnerships to achieve this shared vision. The Plan will explore funding mechanisms, potential regulations, and other creative approaches the City of Austin should utilize to achieve housing goals.

Is this the Annual Action Plan?

No, the Annual Action Plan of Neighborhood Housing and Community Development focuses on federal funding through four U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) formula grants. This annual action plan required by the federal government is more limited in scope than the Austin Housing Plan; the good news is these plans will complement each other. For more information on the Annual Action Plan click here (in English) or here (in Spanish).
Get Involved!

The Austin Housing Plan will address these topics and we want to hear from you.

  • How might we ensure our children can afford to live in Austin?
  • Where should Austinites who work hard – cooking food, watching your children, and caring for the sick – be able to afford to live?
  • The cost of housing is inter-connected with City decisions around job access, parking, permitting, and housing types allowed. For City leaders, doing nothing different is not an option. So, which changes can we all live with?

'1. Community Events - 12 Events all over Austin - Find one near you!
2. Housing Conversation Kit is a unique opportunity for groups to provide input for Austin’s Housing Plan. Anyone can be a host and lead a small-group discussion with self-guided activities designed to capture your ideas. Want a free Housing Conversation Kit? To request a kit, click here.
3. Austin Housing Survey on household affordability will be available in April in English and Spanish. Join the housing e-mail list to be notified of the new survey.

Thanks for the info. I’ve been following this blog by Dan Keshet and he just posted this interesting article about the effects of Austin’s current zoning regulations on the housing shortage in the central city and the resulting
high cost. Thought I would pass it along.

To make this town more affordable for all residents, Code Next really needs to deliver on enabling the development of a variety of housing types that are allowed to coexist next to each other. Our central neighborhoods outside of downtown are overwhelmingly zoned single family with narrow strips of multi family or mixed use on major corridors only. If we can’t unlock the land development code and build a diverse and integrated mix of housing types, we can’t expect to have a diverse and integrated mix of residents.