Friends of Hyde Park Voting Results - Business Parking Requirements, Baker Center Development, Ridgetop Elementary School

Friends of Hyde Park recently voted on 3 resolutions and our 2017 board elections. I’ve included the voting results below.

101 people voted total out of our 372 members. The full voting results and full text of all resolutions can be found here:

Relaxing Quack’s and Neighborhood Business Parking Requirements:

Passed with 91 out of 101 votes in favor (90% Support)

Support – 91 (90%)
Oppose – 10 (10%)

Baker Center Development “that would allow the site to be developed to allow the maximum amount of housing and/or walkable neighborhood amenities”

Passed with 87 out of 101 votes in favor (86% Support)

Support – 87 (86%)
Oppose – 14 (14%)

Ridgetop Elementary School Repurpose and Consolidation With Reilly Elementary School While Converting Reilly into a World Languages/Culture school:

Passed with 81 out of 101 votes in favor (80% Support)

Support – 81 (80%)
Oppose – 20 (20%)

2017 Board Member Election Results:

Tommy Ates
Matt Desloge
Pete Gilcrease
Teresa Griffin
Ricky Hennessy
Adam Luikart
Robert Prentiss

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