Friends of Hyde Park Austin State Hospital Resolution Passes

The Neighborhood Association Friends of Hyde Park membership ( voted on an Austin State Hospital resolution. 88 Hyde Park residents total voted and 73% of them voted to support and encourage the responsible development of the Austin State Hospital site in keeping with the urban core, with housing of all types (including “Missing Middle” housing and Vertical Mixed Use buildings).

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KUT story on Friends of Hyde Park and our vote on the Austin State Hospital land.

“It serves a very vulnerable population, but it doesn’t serve it to its full potential,” Puyana said. “With new development in the ASH site, we could have a state-of-the-art new development built to serve those same people in those same numbers or even more, while still developing other parts of the site for housing, affordable housing, public green space…”

KUT: State Report Outlines Potential New Locations for Austin State Hospital

"In fact, the last option outlined in the report would allow for the sale or lease of more than 55 acres of the campus while redeveloping the hospital on its current site. That plan also seems to align with the views of another neighborhood group, the Friends of Hyde Park, which supports new development on the campus. Alejandro Puyana is on the group’s board of directors. He said if the hospital is moved, he would like to see those mental health services remain somewhere near Hyde Park. He also hopes part of the campus is used to build more affordable housing.

“It kind of creates a very good balance,” Puyana said. “It keeps services on site, but on a reduced format with new facilities, state-of-the-art facilities that could provide those same services, but at the same time, it frees up about 55 acres of land to be developed.”"