FAN Board Nominations & Sept. Election

At the July General Meeting, FAN membership voted to install an Interim Board slate and to elect Board members in September.

I would like to open this thread to nominations of FAN membership for the full Board to be elected next month. Please feel free to nominate yourself or others on this thread; if you prefer to make a nomination anonymously, please email me at

We are looking into a late August happy hour and hope to use that platform as an opportunity for nominees to introduce themselves, identify their neighborhood and District, and offer thoughts on FAN. This meet-and-greet would be followed by an online anonymous vote for the Board. More info on this soon.

I’ll close by saying I am excited that this group so far as been lead foremost by its membership, with the Board serving as a public face and in administrative role. For my part, I hope that this will continue.

I’ll kick it off by nominating @Kristen_A_Fox, ftw


I’ll nominate @brwittstruck =)


I’d like to nominate @Pete_Gilcrease, and oh, I guess @rcauvin, too.


Since I created this trouble, I would like to nominate the interim directors that I don’t see listed:

I appreciate FAN’s efforts to use an inclusive and transparent process to elect a board.

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I want to nominate @tcb and his beard. (which might occupy it’s own board seat)


@NatalieGauldin I would hardly call it trouble!

In fact, I hope that we can extend the outreach of our Board to represent all our Council districts if possible. While I would personally be happy to serve on the Board, I for one would also willingly step aside if we’re too D9 heavy.

@Kristen_A_Fox are you still in D4?

To clarify on Board elections (and answer some questions I’ve received), any member, including at-large members, may be elected to the Board of Directors. From the by-laws:

8.2. Board Membership: The Board of Directors shall consist of the FAN officers and four other FAN delegates. All shall be elected by the Assembly of Delegates. There shall be no limitation as to the number of At-Large Members who may serve as directors; i.e. At-Large Members may fill as many seats as there are directors.

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Still in D4–almost on the line with 7, but barely made it :smile:

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I nominate @NatalieGauldin.

This is my oversight, but I believe that a nomination has been also made for @Phil_Wiley

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Yay getting together in real life! Hey Brendan, did you finalize a date?

Hey @hfrankel07, after trying to find a good date on short notice, we’re actually going to push back the next social gathering. I am hoping to set a date for sometime in mid-September.

I nominate Alysha Haggerton, currently acting Treasurer, for the role of Treasurer.
I nominate Cory Brown, currently acting Secretary, for the role of Secretary.

Thanks all for your service!

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All, we’ll be working to hold an online election towards the end of the month. There are a few logistical details to work out. Really looking forward to an open, transparent, inclusive, and competitive election.

No matter whom the membership elects to the board, I hope the board continues to empower the membership to make major decisions, via online voting, on behalf of the organization. Moreover, I hope formal roles on the board will largely be irrelevant, and that ALL members feel, and will feel, empowered to take leadership roles in starting and engaging in dialog, recruiting and reaching out to neighbors, building the FAN “brand”, and following major policy initiatives like CodeNEXT.

I nominate @hfrankel07 and @cevangill for the board.

I’d like to nominate myself to remain on the board (Frank Harren).

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@harren, you’re on the list. @NatalieGauldin already nominated you.

All, the entire FAN membership is serving as the “nominating committee” for the upcoming elections… Please put forth any last minute nominations you may have.

Being some sort of bigwig professional or having some sort of prior formal leadership role in a neighborhood association or other organization is NOT a prerequisite for serving on the board. On the contrary - since we ALL live in neighborhoods, we ALL have a voice worth hearing. Besides, through online voting, we empower our membership to make the major decisions. Members of the board are stewards of this process and are the face of the organization.

Four positions will appear on the ballot: president, treasurer, secretary, and at-large board member. The membership will vote for one person on each of the first three positions and for four people on the last position.

I nominated Natalie Gauldin, Hannah Frankel, Evan Gill for at-large board positions.

@brwittstruck You nominated Philip Wiley and Kristen Fox. For what position(s) would you like to nominate them?

@rickyhennessy You nominated Brendan Wittstruck, Pete Gilcrease, and Roger L. Cauvin. For what position(s) would you like to nominate them?

@NatalieGauldin You nominated Courtney DeGinder, Frank Harren, and Ricky Hennessy. For what position(s) would you like to nominate them?

@Phil_Wiley You nominated Alysha Haggerton for Treasurer and Cory Brown for Secretary. No response required from you.

The complete list of nominees is here. I am putting together a draft ballot today.

I nomiate Roger Cauvin for president. Pete Gilcrease and Brendan Wittstruck for at-large board members.