FAN ADU Resolution Passes

Friends of Austin Neighborhoods members voted and passed the following resolution regarding accessory dwelling units. An email/letter will be sent to the city council letting them know our position. In order to vote on these issues in the future and become a member of FAN, please visit the link here:

Friends of Austin Neighborhoods (FAN) recognizes that all of our neighborhoods play an important part in welcoming new residents and in contributing to an abundant and diverse supply of housing. Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) address affordability by providing homeowners with additional income in order to help them offset their increasing property taxes, provides renters the opportunity to live in a neighborhood community, provides more housing options at a time when Austin is struggling with the lack of housing choices and diversity in our central Austin neighborhoods, and fits in with the existing character of our Austin neighborhoods.

FAN supports families having the discretion to make their own decisions about accessory dwelling units (ADUs) based on their unique circumstances.

FAN does not support opt-­in and opt-­out provisions for ADU regulations. Complicated rules add additional cost burdens to families, makes it difficult for city staff and families to understand and implement regulations, and further complicates our land development code. ADU regulations should be city wide. FAN recommends the following ADU regulation changes:

● Remove on site parking requirements
● Remove the minimum lot size requirement
● Building separation requirement should be lowered or removed
● Submetering should be allowed
● Changes should be city wide