FAN 2018 Board Election Results

The voting period for the FAN 2018 board election has ended. As is typical, the election was competitive and featured highly-qualified candidates. Thank you to all of the candidates, as well as the at-large voting membership and neighborhood association members, for participation in FAN.

Please welcome the newly-elected directors of the 2018 FAN board:

President: Nathan Ryan (@nthnryn)
Treasurer: Roger L. Cauvin (@rcauvin)
Secretary: Chris “Kaz” Wojtewicz (@chris78701)
Directors (Other Board Members): Mary Owens (@marysledd), Felicity Maxwell (@Felicity)

They join existing directors Frank Harren (@harren), Noelle Shelly (@nshelly15), and Josiah Stevenson (@josiahstevenson).

The full results of the election, including the votes of member neighborhood associations, are on the Votes page of the FAN website.

As indicated on the FAN calendar, the first meeting of the new board will take place Wednesday, August 15th at 7 pm at the Central Library, Room 207. Check here in the FAN forum as the date approaches for more details. Consistent with FAN’s principles of inclusion and transparency, board meetings are open to the public. Anyone can participate in and volunteer for FAN without being a board member. If you’d like to volunteer or help in any way, please let the community know.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Please feel free to share these results with your neighbors and on social media.