:FAN: 2017 Board Nominations

Board Nomination Process:

This Year's Annual Meeting will take place beginning online with a forum post here in a couple of months and will include an in-person component where folks can meet candidates up for election. An agenda for that meeting will also be sent out to our members via email on the Google Group, 72 hours prior to the start of this meeting online.

Here in this post, we are taking nominations for Board Members. If you would like to nominate yourself or another member please post a comment with their name below.

Candidate Bio Info:

Once seconded we'd like to have each nominee fill out a bio online in a Google Form. We'll aggregate the info into some handy hand-outs and an online document for distribution within the Annual Meeting thread and the in-person component.

Board Responsibilities:

We've recently put together [an outline of the skills and helpful ways](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a03ez3rTF31XbtOOq_H2VHmP-pgZlDbEvYtgUY1whpQ/pub) Board members can get involved in growing our organization.

This top-level post will be continually edited and updated for the list of nominated members as they come in or any other pertinent info needed

Positions open for nomination:

** **3 Directors** - 2 year terms

**If there is enough interest we may propose to add some additional Director positions at the start of the Annual Meeting.

I’d like to nominate Josiah Stevenson @josiahstevenson. I think he’d make a great addition to the board, is very engaged on city issues, and has attended FAN board meetings to keep up with FAN issues. I hope he’d consider running for a board position!


I will gladly second Josiah!

I 2nd Frank Harren for the Board DIrector position

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I second the nomination of @harren.

Just wanted to make sure my nomination had made it to the right place, i.e. the same place the second was recorded. Frank

I nominate @volma3 to the FAN board.

I nominate Nathan Ryan (@nthnryn) to be on the ballot for the upcoming board election. Nathan lives in the Easton Park neighborhood in District 2, and he is a tech community leader.

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I nominate @Jennifer_Houlihan to be on the ballot for the upcoming board election. Jennifer lives in the Rancho Alto neighborhood in District 5. She has been active in AURA, Evolve Austin, and has served in a leadership capacity in music organizations.

I nominate @tommyates to be on the ballot for the upcoming board election. Tommy lives in the Hyde Park neighborhood and is a former board member of AURA.

I’d like to second the nominations for @volma3 @nthnryn @Jennifer_Houlihan and @tommyates!

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@josiahstevenson @harren @volma3 @nthnryn @tommyates @Jennifer_Houlihan
FAN Board Candidates -
Please fill out this survey to provide us with biographical information, your interest in FAN, and how you are interested in contributing to FAN as a Board Member. Your responses will be distributed to FAN members to help them make an informed vote. Please complete this survey by the end of the day (11:59pm) on Wednesday, July 5th. Thank you!

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I nominate @NatalieGauldin to run for re-election for the board.

Definitely second @NatalieGauldin!

At the annual meeting and social hour this evening, I moved to nominate @nshelly, and I believe it was @kimberly who seconded the nomination. Both @NatalieGauldin and @nina.dolcia have declined to run despite being nominated.

We’ll certainly miss the work of @NatalieGauldin, and despite not wanting the official title for all of her work, @nina.dolcia at least deserves a solid round of applause for all of the logistics and behind the scene project work done on this year’s Annual Meeting.
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Everyone should hold tight for us to get membership rosters updated and we’ll be sending out voting ballots to your inboxes for Board positions.

The board candidate profiles are here.

I whole heartedly recommend Noelle. What she doesn’t tell you in her bio is she has been a real and effective force in the Friends Of Riverside NA Association. The reason we had a block party, increased our social media presence, have a logo, are now a non profit, have over 60 very diverse members AND ARE MOVING FORWARD is Noelle.

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I am excited to share the results of the FAN 2017 Board election. FAN was fortunate to have a slate of highly motivated and thoughtful candidates and we’d like to thank all of the candidates, as well as the at-large voting membership and our neighborhood association members, for participation in FAN.

The voting period has ended and the secure online voting system has tabulated the results. The following people have been elected:

Frank Harren
Jennifer Houlihan
Nate Ryan
Noelle Shelly
Josiah Stevenson

The results of this vote and all FAN votes are posted to the website at http://www.atxfriends.org/votes. Discussions take place on the online forum at http://forum.atxfriends.org, which is open to the public.

Anyone can participate in and volunteer for FAN without being a board member. If you’d like to volunteer or help in any way, please let us know.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Please feel free to share these results with your neighbors and on social media.

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