Evolve Austin Partners - partnership candidate for FAN?

Evolve Austin Partners http://evolveaustin.org/ is a group of civic minded organizations that are champions for implementing Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan priorities - to create a more affordable, mobile, and sustainable city; compact & connected, inclusive… Looks like potential for a natural fit for us to become part of their partner network - thoughts?


I think that’s a great idea. I’d love to see FAN involved with what they are doing. Their goals seem to line up with FAN’s great.

I agree - I think the goals of the two organizations are complementary, and there’s strength in numbers.

All, please don’t hesitate to chime in if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise, let’s put together a simple resolution and put it to a vote of the membership!

All, please find a draft resolution and letter to join the Evolve Austin network here.

You may continue the discussion here or add comments within the document itself. If you need additional access to add comments, please don’t hesitate to request it.

I heartily support FAN joining Evolve’s strategic partners and think this would be a great fit.

The draft looks great to me!

I would support this joining.

I think the two organizations would make great partners.

All, thanks for the chiming in. Hearing no objections to the letter, let’s proceed with our standard vote of the members. @brwittstruck made a great suggestion in the letter to include an excerpt (apparently adapted from the FAN vision) that Evolve Austin could use in describing FAN as a partner:

FAN is the voice of inclusive neighborhoods in Austin, welcoming abundant and diverse housing and residents of all socio-economic backgrounds. Recognizing that we all live in neighborhoods, we strive to provide broader and more effective neighborhood representation for the people of Austin.

We welcome everyone as members to work with each other to share ideas and best practices for improving neighborhoods, keep themselves informed about city policies, take positions to influence policies that affect our neighborhoods, and organize social events that all members can enjoy.

However, I’ve removed it from the letter, because I think our communications team and board should work with Evolve Austin to determine the best verbiage that meets the constraints (e.g. length), and it keeps the member vote focused on the question of whether to accept Evolve Austin’s invitation to become a partner.

I’ll work with @Pete_Gilcrease and @rickyhennessy to make the online vote happen!

All, the membership voted to become an Evolve Austin partner. For our neighborhood association members, the vote was 5-0-1 (5 yeas and 1 abstention). One neighborhood association did not cast a vote. Our at-large individual caucus voted 39-3-3 to support the resolution.