EVENT: What makes high-quality transit?

FAN, along with other Austin transit advocates and grassroots organizations welcome Christof Spieler, author of Trains, Buses, People: An Opinionated Atlas of US Transit, to Austin on January 29, to speak about lessons Austin could learn from other cities’ experiences.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler will introduce Christof and provide opening remarks.

Christof will take question after his presentation.

Come on out.

FAN Event Flyer - What Makes High-Quality Transit_ (2020-01-29)

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For those who missed it, here’s the write-up from the Austin Monitor:

Spieler said good transit systems make frequent and reliable connections between centers with relatively high activity.

Spieler argues that building high-performing transit is actually rather simple. He proposed 10 guidelines with which to analyze any transit plan and figure out its weaknesses: density, walkability, frequency, travel time, connectivity, reliability, activity, capacity, legibility and inclusivity.

showing maps of the Red Line corridor overlaying a map of the city’s population density by neighborhood. “If you look at that line, it manages to skip all of the ridership,” he said.