Discourse forum software

I just wanted to say I’m very impressed with the Discourse software used for this forum. It’s like a forum and chat room at the same time, the way it updates without refreshing the page. Amazing idea! I would want to de-clutter it a bit more for the benefit of our older neighbors, but it’s very much like what I want to set up. One gimmick I would like to tack on would be to make each member’s user profile work like a personal blog to increase engagement.

I’ve actually corresponded with one of the software’s authors. He writes http://blog.codinghorror.com/ and also featured Dawson Neighborhood’s belated Nextdoor forum seizure in his neighborhood blog at http://www.yesincludeme.com/nextdoorcom-inc.html

Discourse is pretty awesome. We had a hard time deciding what to use and I think this has been perfect so far. It’s definitely not easy to setup though!

Are you hosting it in the cloud for $$$, or on a personal server for free?

We’re hosting on the cloud. It’s not too much each month and we don’t have to worry about fixing anything if something goes wrong. Plus, I’m not a Linux person, so it’s just a lot easier.

Linux person here, heheh.

Wait, I just connected those dots. Coding Horror was where I heard about Discourse first! Worlds are colliding. Love his blog.

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Yeah! I found Coding Horror a couple years ago. They’ve featured some very constructive posts about how people think when they’re using an online community, and delved into something I’m interested in, which is how to set up a natural meritocracy, or other natural effect, which makes a community both self-moderating and cooperative. Most other forums either just die because of the trolling, or seem to get along, but minority opinions are excluded. Minority not necessarily meaning the opinion of just a few.


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