Developer claims land occupied by neighbors for decades

I am writing because I feel our story would be of interest to Austin neighbors and because our story could set an important precedent for developer/neighborhood relations in Austin and, more generally, in Texas. I am writing concerning a development at 2804 S. 1st Street in Austin, Texasby HDC Hill Country Equities The Guild LP. Several neighbors are disputing the company’s right to move the fence-line on the north of their property, which is our south fence, and thus incorporate a large strip of our properties. Surveys indeed show the property line two to four feet our side of the fence - in spite of the fact that the fence has stood for several decades and in spite of the fact that all of the neighbors have used the land as their own all of this time. We feel that allowing the developers to take this strip of land would set a very bad precedent for neighborhoods everywhere. We understand that neighborhoods are under increasing pressure from developers; but this development can and must happen without the relocation of fence-lines that have stood for several decades. We have a lawyer and have been intending to claim ‘adverse possession’ of the property, but it seems now that we may get priced out of actually litigating although we have a strong case. Any thoughts or advice that you have would be welcome, and, again, I do feel our story would be of interest to the Statesman’s readers.
Nick Ulrich