Council Member Ratings

What does everyone think about the idea of rating council members based on their votes on the bigger issues? We could have a page on the FAN site dedicated to keeping track of votes and have some type of overall percentage based on all of the votes taken. We’d probably have to come up with some kind of criteria, like how the vote impacts affordability and other criteria to determine a positive or negative vote.

Record the votes, yes. Let each if us make our individual determination of that data.

I was thinking the ranking or score card would help people that don’t have time to keep track of all of the various issues get a quick glance at the different council member records. For people that pay close attention to everything, the rankings or simple voting information probably wouldn’t be too helpful since they’ve already kept track of everything. A lot of national organizations do something similar for candidates. If it’s good enough, it might also be used by other organizations and passed around during elections. We could even just use our vision statement as the criteria.

Yes, if it is perfectly transparent, i.e. easy for someone to look at the record by vote, see how FAN evaluated it & how it weighed in on overall score, & so adjust that score if they have a different perception on an issue(s).

Even if someone is not a “FAN” it would be a useful database & public service. Sounds like a pretty big job…

Perhaps a trial run to show the results before a binding vote?

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A little off-topic, but I’d also like to see FAN begin inviting Councilmembers to present at future meetings as we continue to grow.

It would be helpful to have a report of each CM’s voting record. It would be helpful if we could leverage the City’s Online Data Portal.

I’m not sure what the scorecard would look like, but it would be nice to have a report of FAN resolutions vs. CM actions. We’ll have to remember that some votes don’t tell the whole story. A CM could delay a vote for months, but then finally vote for something because it would make them look bad to be the only “no.”