Community Not Commodity "Son of CodeNEXT" Discussion

Community Not Commodity, a group that opposes the decriminalization of diverse housing throughout all neighborhoods, is inviting “neighborhood leaders” to a discussion this Saturday. FAN has hundreds of neighborhood leaders. Let’s show CNC and the larger community that the voices of inclusion are neighborhood advocates, too. Details and RSVP are here.

I am still trying to figure out exactly what “opposes the decriminalization of diverse housing throughout all neighborhoods” means…

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Currently, it is illegal to build row houses, small apartment complexes, homes on small lots, and other types of homes in many neighborhoods. It is a crime.

Community Not Commodity opposes the repeal of the zoning laws that make building those kinds of homes illegal. In that sense, they oppose the decriminalizing of diverse housing throughout neighborhoods.


Ah I was thrown by the hyperbolic “criminalization” when it was just something not meeting code, i.e. no one is going to jail.

Beginning to think community not commodity would be aligned with democratic socialists and the like and hold similar views.