Commission starts process on affordable housing incentive program -Monitor

“The code change centers on a relatively rare zoning designation: MF-6, or Multifamily Residence Highest Density. Those pushing the change argue that developers trying to build on properties that are currently zoned for less dense multifamily residences (MF-2, MF-3, MF-4 and MF-5) might be willing to offer a portion of their units at low prices if the city allows them to play by some of the MF-6 development rules, which are more flexible in terms of impervious cover, floor-to-area ratio, building coverage and setbacks.”

“Planning Commissioner Fayez Kazi, who brought forward the code amendment change along with Commissioner James Shieh, told the Austin Monitor on Thursday that he wanted to create “something that will provide affordable housing and not something that will just pretend to provide it.””