CodeNEXT: All Forms of Neighborhood-Scale Housing in All Neighborhoods?

Seems like the devil is in the details. How is “neighborhood scale” defined and played out in practical terms? What size structure, with what setback, how many occupants/cars, etc. I welcome “more and different people” in my neighborhood, but I’m skeptical that a variety of housing stock can accomplish that goal.

increased density along collector and arterial streets-- yes.

I think the prototypical example of the limit here should be the smallish, three-story complexes that are all over Hyde Park and make that neighborhood what it is.

No setbacks are necessary or helpful…anywhere, really, but that’s another thread.

Absolutely no unit caps, occupancy limits, etc. It’s one thing not to want six-story buildings next to you, completely beyond the pale to try to directly limit the number of neighbors allowed to use a building that, physically, fits fine.