City Council Land Development Code Direction

Some of you know that the city manager, Spencer Cronk, submitted a memo to city council asking for guidance on important aspects of the land development code, including:

  • Overall housing capacity
  • Missing middle housing
  • Parking requirements
  • Compatibility standards

FAN members have previously voted to recommend that revisions to the land development code include nine changes. These FAN recommendations directly address Mr. Cronk’s questions.

Recently, members of the city council have begun deliberating on, and summarizing, their answers to Mr. Cronk’s questions. The discussion on the city council message board is here. It includes a link to a set of answers from council members @greenthumbnatasha, Renteria, Kitchen, and Flannigan. Council members Garza and Casar issued a separate response.

The city council will discuss these issues, and take public comment on them, at its meeting this Thursday.

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Can we have this sent to the membership google group too along with the Facebook Event for it? A lot of FANs might not follow the forums and hopefully, if we’re lucky, some of them would want to go. =)

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Should go out today. Good call, Pete.

The city council adopted its land development code direction at its 2019-05-02 meeting. You can read the full text here.