Capital Metro Transit Survey

We haven’t seen this kind of survey in several years, but this one by Capital Metro is an all-hands-on-deck for everyone concerned about the future of transit. It is time to prioritize a “Connector Corridor” for the current planning process:

Three clickable maps will allow you to prioritize routes or alignments for a “Commuter Corridor,” “Connector Corridor,” and “Circulator Corridor”. Your selections will inform Capital Metro’s planning process that is designed to recommend at least one high capacity investment for each of the 3 corridor types.

It is an extremely short survey and basically involves clicking on 3 maps. It does require a registration with full name and email. If you have trouble taking it, please let me know.

And please take advantage of other feedback methods to tell them that you do not appreciate the natural spine for our transit network (Guadalupe/Lamar) being demoted to the 2nd group of options as a “connector”. It’s my educated guess that this decision by Cap Metro is an attempt to shape the eventual system away from a large capital investment on Guadalamar in favor of further minor ‘improvements’ like Rapid Bus, reserving major capital investments for only the “commuter” corridor(s) eventually chosen (like I-35 BRT or the Elgin line).

Please don’t be fooled. I see no evidence so far that Capital Metro is treating this round of Project Connect planning any less dishonestly than they did the first. More details here:

Did both. Current results for “connector” corridors:

I love the very clear progression showing:
start with G-L
Add one S-Austin line (Congress, Lamar, Riverside)
Add Lake Austin 7th
Add another S-Austin line
Add Airport Blvd

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