Call for Board Member candidates - AUG 2019

If you are interested in running for the FAN board, please feel free to nominate yourself or others on this thread. This thread will be for nominations and more information about candidates running.

We’ll have our annual membership meeting / happy hour in June where candidates will be able to introduce themselves, members can make any floor nominations, and we can have our happy hour. We’ll have more information on the meeting / happy hour in a separate thread with planning information.

If you have any questions about being a board member, please feel free to reach out to any current board member directly or post your questions here on this thread. You don’t have to have any leadership experience or need any fancy qualifications to be on the board of FAN - just a desire to help improve our neighborhoods and the city overall. Please nominate yourself if it sounds like something that you might like to do or nominate someone else that you think might make a great board member!

Hi I’m Sukhi. I moved to Austin in 2001 to Northwest Hills and have lived there ever since. My brothers live in East Austin, one on Webberville and one has a house on Chestnut but lives in South Austin. Both went to UT, and I saw their neighborhoods and housing while they were in college. My partner lives in Windsor Hills around Mueller, friends live all around from Manor Rd to Westlake and Tarrytown. I participated in civic hackathons for the city, I care about city planning, D&I, good health and well-being, safety. I’ve been super active in all of these neighborhoods like they were my own, lived in Hyde Park and Rosedale area, worked on Lamar for a year. Use 35, 290, 360, 183. I interact with this city, I go around., I’m active in the community and invested. By using tech apps like Nextdoor and neighborhood groups or pages on Facebook, I stay informed about what’s going on, everywhere. I love Austin and would love to serve in this capacity.


Thanks for throwing your hat in the ring, Sukhi!

It sounds like you have experienced a lot of different neighborhoods in Austin. So that FAN members can get to know you better, can you tell us how you heard about FAN, what motivates you to want to serve as a FAN board member?

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My new friend Nathan Ryan announced he’d be stepping down as president of the board. In the same message he wrote about how much he learned: about the city, about the impact of the city’s growth on the people. He wrote how proud he was of progress made over a two year term, and made a call to action to anyone interested in the health of our city’s neighborhoods.

Beyond general health, I’m interested in prosperity. I’ve studied civic and community health… people out there need representation.

I’m moved by data and I love people; both are plentiful here in Austin. I’m an innovator who gives everything, every person a chance. I am a friend to neighbors, a good citizen, and at a stage where my interest is in leadership and public service. I’m motivated by my deep care and understanding of a variety of issues, and by the prospect of working with others to improve the health of the city I’ve spent 20 years of my life. In 2021, it’ll be 20 years.

I forgot to write in my past post, I also use Loop 1.

Thanks for asking, Roger, and giving me the opportunity to introduce myself. I’m honored to tell people I care, I’m excited to affect change and learn more about what’s going on where I live. Broadly speaking, an opportunity such as this seems like a research experience…a role where I am most comfortable and work most naturally.

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