Bike Austin East Side Street Safety Forum


You may be interested in this current Bike Austin petition in support of a community-driven forum on Street Safety in District 1:

“The Bike Austin Neighborhood Bike Advocacy Committee is working with community partners to organize a public, community-driven forum for neighborhood residents in City Council District 1 to voice their transportation-related concerns and visions to City of Austin Staff. Bike Austin and our partners aim to work with City Staff to use this input to prioritize life-saving pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure upgrades throughout East Austin.”

There is also an East Side Coalition letter to CM Houston requesting her participation in this forum. Is this something FAN would be interested in putting our name on as an organization?

I think this sounds like a great idea and a good opportunity to back a good cause.

Thanks Pete. I’m in agreement. Perhaps if this is a consensus feeling, we could discuss endorsing at our next regular meeting.

I’d love to discuss this at our next meeting.

Can our forums be our meetings? =)

Bike Austin looks like a very worthy cause aligned with FAN vision on connect / mobility.

I’m fine with handling 3rd party endorsements by the Board voting in the forum or handling in Board meetings. The advantage of holding that vote in the forum is you give FAN members notice, & a chance to provide feedback here or

Having said that some things we need to entrust the board to handle as they deem appropriate as circumstances vary. IMHO, candidate endorsement would be different.

I think Phil makes a good point about discerning what sort of decisions will go to the Board and which to general membership. Definitely want anything that is policy to reflect the voice of all members, not just an executive committee.

In this case, I was thinking more that we might have another general membership happy hour with this as a discussion item. I’ve enjoyed the meet-and-greets so far and hope we’ll do one later in August.