Become a Host Family for an International Exchange Student!

Looking to make a difference in your community, home, and in the life of a young boy or girl from another country? Do you want to give your family the gift of learning about a foreign culture while showing a lucky student all that Texas has to offer? Consider becoming a host family for an exchange student!

My name is Lauren O’Rourke and I am a Local Coordinator here in Austin for ICES - International Cultural Exchange Service. ICES is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting international awareness and understanding through youth exchange. We accomplish this by integrating international students into the cornerstone of American culture - the family.

ICES students come to the United States from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. They are 15-18 years old and are screened for maturity, academics, and English proficiency.

Below you will find links to the hosting page on our website as well as our ICES Texas Facebook Group!

Please contact me for more info!

Lauren O’Rourke || Local Coordinator
Phone: 773.344.3448