Become a Community Climate Ambassador

From the FAN mailbox: Celine Rendon from the City Austin Office of Sustainability sent this message. If you believe policies that make our neighborhoods better and more inclusive also reduce carbon emissions, I urge you to apply to be a “community climate ambassador”.

Hi everyone,

As part of the Austin Community Climate Plan Revision, we have moved forward with organizing our Advisory Groups and Steering Committee. We are deeply committed to creating a climate plan that puts climate justice and equity at the center of this process, and have very purposefully formed these groups with a focus on racial diversity. This starts with the members who have been invited to participate in this group and will flow throughout our work – from the day we begin, until City Council adoption of this plan in 2020.

We are now moving forward with the next phase of our engagement and are recruiting participants for our Community Climate Ambassadors Program (See attached, flyers in both English and Spanish). Candidates can apply at or

For this program, we are seeking a racially and economically diverse group of people to serve as Community Climate Ambassadors. We are interested in people who can apply an equity lens to climate work or can contribute their historical and/or lived experience to the conversation. We have funding available to compensate ambassadors for completing tasks related to educating the community on climate issues, interviewing people to better understand their challenges and opportunities, and aiding our office in outreach regarding the plan update. If this sounds like you or someone you know, we will be accepting applications to the program until Wednesday, November 27th.

Additionally, we will be hosting Content Workshops in January for each of our climate plan topics (sustainable buildings, transportation options, electric vehicles, consumption of goods and natural systems) that will be open to the public. We do not have dates set for these yet, but we’ll notify you when we do. We’ll also be updating the website linked below and posting information on our Facebook page. We hope you’ll be available to participate!

Please be in touch if you have any questions. I look forward to working together to advance our community’s climate goals.